How Long Do the Effects of CBD Oil Last?

The events of the last year have left thousands of people disenchanted with the typical healthcare system and looking for new ways to improve well-being without the use of standard pharmaceuticals.

Maybe you’re one of them, which is why you’ve landed on this page looking for more information about cannabidiol (CBD) oil. At Cerena, we feel that education is at the heart of what we do. We’re all about empowering your individual health choices, and we want to give you as much information as possible.

Before you go looking for a CBD for dummies book, we’ve got you covered with this guide. Here’s what you need to know about using our products as part of your overall well-being routine.

How to Choose the Right CBD Dosage

One of the most common questions we get from customers is, “how many mg of CBD should I take?”

Like any supplement, the answer to this question varies and usually depends on factors like your age, size, and the desired result you’re looking to achieve.

One of the benefits of sublingual application (under the tongue) is that it allows you to discover a dosage that works best for you and the occasion. At Cerena, we recommend starting low and slow, noting how you feel, and gradually taking more if needed.

For example, some people take 25mg in the morning and feel good all day, whereas some prefer to take 25mg sporadically throughout the day, depending on their needs.

We all process CBD differently, which is why we created our Trinity Flight to help you discover which formulas work best for you.

The Trinity Flight | Which Full Spectrum CBD Oil is Right for You?

How Long Does CBD Oil Last in Your System?

Typically, CBD stays in most people’s systems for two to five days. However, there are those whose bodies hang on to it for up to several weeks.

This likely has to do with dosage factors, including how often you ingest the sublingual oil and the amount taken. If you use CBD daily, you can expect it to remain in your body for a longer period of time. Plus, when you do take it, because the fat soluble oil remains in your fat cells for a longer period of time, it allows the CBD to be more readily available.

It is important to note that CBD as an isolated compound will not show up on a drug test, as they are designed to indicate THC levels. But full-spectrum products do contain THC in small amounts (less than 0.3%), and as a result, after prolonged use, the small amount of THC could register under analysis and trigger a positive result.

How Long Does It Take for CBD to Work?

Generally, most people feel the effects of sublingual CBD within fifteen to twenty minutes after applying it under their tongue. 

Topicals, however, aren't typically used for internal supplementation because they're not the most bioavailable (readily absorbed) option. Instead, topicals are most effective at point of contact, and they are felt immediately, providing a soothing sensation to both sore muscles and irritated skin.

Once you’ve made CBD a part of your daily routine, you can expect this timeframe to shorten. When your body is already used to the response and still has trace amounts from the day before, it usually takes less time to reap the benefits.

Other Common CBD Questions

Here are a few other common questions our customers have before supplementing with CBD oil for better well-being.

Can CBD Make Me High?

CBD is inherently non-psychoactive and will not get you "high." In fact, not only will CBD likely improve your connected awareness, but the less than 0.3% THC available in our Cerena formulas will accelerate these effects through what is known as the entourage effect. Nothing in isolation is greater than the sum of its parts, and low concentrations of THC create a more potent solution than formulas without it.

Is It Possible to Overdose on CBD?

There are zero reports of anyone overdosing on CBD oil, but there’s always the saying that too much of a good thing is still too much. Plus, it's just unnecessary and becomes wasteful. Anecdotally speaking, taking too much CBD usually results in feeling more relaxed. Nothing more, nothing less. In addition, you want to take into account any interactions with medication you might already take daily. To be safe, it is always best to do your research and talk with your doctor before trying CBD.

What Are the Health Benefits of CBD?

Research suggests that incorporating CBD oils into your daily routine can greatly improve several health factors. For example, many of our customers report experiencing less anxiety and depression, better sleep, and reduced pain and inflammation. Of course, it is important to remember that each person’s body reacts differently, and your experience may vary.

Incorporating Cerena Into Your Daily Routine

Now that you’ve learned the basics, come find out why Cerena is a trusted name in CBD. Our whole-hemp extract formula works to calm your senses, reduce inflammation, and enjoy a more restful slumber. Please visit our product pages to learn more.


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