How to Improve Your Subconscious Using a Full Moon Ritual?

Today's full moon is a harvest moon which means we are approaching the autumn equinox. In the Northern Hemisphere, the 2021 autumn equinox begins September 22nd and provides a blank notebook for us to rewrite the negative stories we tell ourselves about how we work, and how little we may do for ourselves.

Here's a simple ritual to help you release those outdated narratives that keep you bound in #dissatisfaction and ultimately, reprogram your mind to better align with your inner powers.

What will you need to move through this ritual with intention?

  1. A candle and your favorite Cerena spiritual smoke or formula (we wouldn't recommend Nocturno, unless you want to fall asleep)
  2. Pen and paper
  3. Your favorite rebirth-y 💃🏽 anthem (we recommend "Feeling Good" by Nina Simone)

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Find a Comfortable Space and Begin the ritual with intention.

  1. Light the candle and apply your favorite Cerena product as you normally would. Afterwards, take 3 deep breaths and say with intent (either aloud or in your mind) "Beings of the light who are invested in my heart-centered evolution, join me here and now to offer protection, guidance, and clarity as I seek to let go of stories which no longer serve me – I thank you for the gifts you bestow upon me daily."
  2. Take your pen and paper and write down: "I ask tonight's full moon to illuminate the parts of me buried beneath the stories I tell myself about hardships surrounding work, when I work, how much or little I work, how it all depletes me or doesn’t, and all the ways in which I don't take enough care of my own needs." Then spend as much time as you need (go into detail) writing about how this story usually goes in your head and how you feel afterwards.
  3. In a safe and controlled manner, proceed to burn the paper. Do so safely. Once the flame has gone out say or think intently: "I hereby release you poorly written episode of the epic series that is my life and my potential. I fire all the writers that wrote it and make space for a new narrator to step forth, one that in a soothing and trustworthy voice tells the story of how I move more freely, more fluidly through my days, and how I’m very much getting closer to my dreams."
  4. Put on your rebirth-y 💃🏽 anthem and allow yourself to feel every word. Imagine the old story being erased from your mind and that you can no longer remember it. Dance with feeling and truly open yourself to the possibility that through the power of ritual you have set in motion a shift in your life that is leading you to greater fulfillment. This is your time – you say who, you say when, you say how much."


In Spanish, "El Sereno" is a term that describes the palpable feeling in the air as the late afternoon transitions into early evening, when the heat of the day gently cools and an evening dew starts to form.