How to take CBD Sublingual Drops

You want to live your best life. Whether you’re looking for more energy and focus or to reduce pain, there are many reasons to add cannabidiol (CBD) products to your daily health routine. One very successful way to do this is with sublingual CBD oil.

So, what does sublingual mean? And why is it better for your body? Sublingual simply means underneath your tongue. This application offers a quick and ample absorption process through your mucus membrane. In short, this accelerates the time required to transport our quality whole hemp formulations through your bloodstream and allows the effects of the particular product to activate (or absorb) more readily.

Cerena’s sublingual formulations are designed for under the tongue application. The process of using sublingual CBD generally goes a little something like this:

  • Step One: Squeeze the rubber bulb on top of the bottle to get your desired dose into the graduated dropper.
  • Step Two: Set a positive intention while placing the dropper directly underneath your tongue and squeeze to release the oil.
  • Step Three: Keep the oil underneath your tongue for 15-30 seconds (essentially for enough time to take a few deep breaths), allowing mucus to form and the absorption process to begin.
  • Step Four: After a few deep breaths, swallow. Cerena's hemp oil is known for its rich terpenes that culminate into a smooth flavor reminiscent of honeysuckle, pine, pepper, and a nutty aftertaste. Many appreciate this effect but if you need to rinse with water or any other drink of your choice, feel free to do so.

Calma Sublingual CBD Drops [Lab Tested Organic CBD] by Cerena

Why Choose CBD Sublingual Drops Versus Topical CBD?

When it comes to holistic healing products, it is important to choose a delivery method that maximizes your overall health benefits. While there are circumstances when topical CBD therapy is best, such as when you’re treating point-of-contact joint pain, minor muscle aches, or nourishing dry skin, sublingual drops provide a vast range of health benefits from a whole-body internal perspective.

Why not just swallow a capsule or attempt to use an edible variety instead? While these are also effective, they take a longer period of time for your body to digest; therefore, it will take longer to feel the benefits. In contrast, sublingual CBD, especially when paired with the bioavailability of MCT oil, offers a more direct pathway to the bloodstream. When you’re treating a condition such as sleep or anxiety, time is of the essence. Therefore, if you are looking for efficient, full-body relief, an under-the-tongue method is likely for you.

Now, which type of drops should you take? There are many types of sublingual CBD formulations on the market, and each has its own benefits. It’s also important to understand that not all CBD formulas are created equally. This is why reviewing 3rd party lab results is a necessary step when looking for an effective solution to your respective needs.

What Are the Benefits of CBD Sublingual Drops?

At Cerena, we have three excellent and unique formulations that offer a variety of benefits with every single use. We’re proud of these efficacious sublingual CBD drops and would love for you to find the relief you’ve been searching for.


Calma is our foundational sublingual oil designed to help with anxiety and equilibrium. When you need to shift your body to a state of mindfulness and balanced ease, this is the formulation you want nearby. In addition to our full-size bottle, we also offer a travel size that fits in a purse or pocket for those moments when you need a little mental boost.


For those needing pain relief, there’s Alivio. Formulated with additional CBG, this sublingual CBD oil is designed to help alleviate inflammation, calm the body, and reduce anxiety. We like to call it a “farewell to PMS” in a bottle for our female customers, but many men also use it for post-workout restoration and other physical aches.


Finally, there’s Nocturno. Designed to help give you a peaceful transition to sleep, this quality CBD product, which is potentiated with CBN (a powerful sedative), melts away stress and ushers the body into a state of relaxation. The sublingual application ensures it acts quickly when you need it most.

The Trinity Flight | Discover which Full Spectrum CBD Oil is Right for You

How to Choose the Right CBD Sublingual Drop

What’s the best method for choosing the right CBD sublingual drop for your needs? Essentially, it comes down to what ailment you’re trying to solve. If you have high anxiety in social situations, then Calma might be your first choice. Those who live active lifestyles will generally enjoy Alivio. And anyone suffering from insomnia or stress could benefit from Nocturno. In some cases, you might even want to keep all three around for various use as necessary.

Quality is also essential when choosing the right CBD product for your unique health. At Cerena, we understand its importance, which is why each of our sublingual formulas are made in small batches to ensure overall potency and high consistency of our whole hemp products.

Cerena products are certified USDA organic and feature our clean vapor extraction process. Fewer than five percent of all CBD products use this method, which is just one of the reasons why we’re so proud to offer it as part of our methodology.

Are you ready to learn more about Cerena's holistic CBD sublinguals and how they can benefit your health? If you'd like to learn more about CBD and the other cannabinoids available in Cerena products, click here.


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