How to use Terpenes

What Are Terpenes And How To Use Them

You already know that looking and feeling your best starts with what you eat, how much sleep you get, and the products you choose. But the real secret to understanding how your body works is getting down to the alchemic level and discovering what substances and elements cause certain effects. One way to do this? By using terpenes as part of your self-care ritual.

However, before we chat about using terpenes, let’s first explore what they are and why they are commonly used.

What Are Terpenes?

If you want to geek out on a scientific level, terpenes are organic hydrocarbons that smell nice and have known therapeutic properties. When you smell a rose in the summer or cook with fragrant fresh garlic, you’re using terpenes.

Certain terpenes can have health benefits, too. Some are used in foods to help provide relief, such as an anti-inflammatory or aid in digestion. Supplements and cosmetics also use terpenes, as well. In fact, terpenes are in products that you probably use or consume daily without even realizing it. Even certain perfumes and sprays contain terpenes!

When deciding how to use terpenes, you want first to consider the health benefit you’re looking for and then find a product that matches those needs. For example, an edible product or supplement might be a good choice for a particular health ailment. In contrast, you might choose a topical cream or beauty product for an external benefit, such as better skin or reduced fine lines.

So, why are terpenes important? If you’ve ever explored aromatherapy, you already understand the process. Certain scents cause a specific reaction in the body, which increases health benefits.

Terpenes Health Benefits

Of course, the health benefits of terpenes are numerous. Many people use these types of products to sleep better at night, reduce pain, and even improve the overall quality of life. Here are a few explanations of various ailments and what they can help you achieve.

Terpenes for Pain

If you’re looking to use terpenes for pain relief, myrcene is widely regarded as one of the best options. Most commonly found in hemp, it is a key ingredient in many anti-inflammatory and pain relief products. Myrcene can also be derived from lemongrass, thyme, hops, and certain overripe fruits.

Terpenes for Anxiety

One of the best terpenes for anxiety is limonene. Featuring a sweet citrus scent, it is one of the more common ones you see used to treat mood disorders and uplift the spirits. It’s also a common ingredient in many so-called “refreshing” beauty products and household cleaners.

Terpenes for Inflammation

If you’re searching for inflammation relief, many different types of terpenes can help. However, it really comes down to the exact health issue you’re experiencing. For example, those with a chest cold or bronchitis will likely find relief using products with pinene. Derived from plants like rosemary and eucalyptus, these terpenes work well as a bronchodilator (think similar to when your parents used to apply VapoRub™ to your chest as a child).

Terpenes for Bacterial Infections

Another common terpene used to alleviate health concerns is beta-caryophyllene. It is found in black pepper, has a woodsy scent, and is often used for its antibacterial properties. It is also widely popular for inflammation relief and chronic pain.

Terpenes for Sleep

If you’re looking to achieve better sleep quality, then you’ll love products that contain linalool. In fact, it is used in tons of different products aimed at improving relaxation, reducing anxiety, and enhancing calmness. The linalool you’re probably most familiar with is derived from lavender, but the truth is that there are hundreds of plants that produce it as well.

Common Terpene Absorption Benefits

Of course, the benefits of terpenes are expressed through more than just their end effect as they also improve absorption and bioavailability rates of other medicinal compounds. Cannabinoids, medicinal molecules also found in cannabis, are larger than terpenes (roughly 21+ carbons). When applied under the tongue or on the skin, it's the smaller molecular size of terpenes (roughly 10-15 carbons) that help increase the absorption rate and ultimately improve the effectiveness brought on by the cannabinoids.

How to Take Hemp Derived Terpenes

Flowers and herbs aren’t the only places you can find beneficial terpenes. Terpenes in hemp are also beneficial for numerous reasons.

If you’re deciding to take this route for relief, there are several steps in the process that you’ll want to consider.

First, decide why you’re taking terpenes in the first place. Is it to solve chronic fatigue or deal with inflammation? Are you ill with a cold or the flu? Is anxiety causing insomnia that’s keeping you up all night?

Then look into the benefits of what a particular hemp terpene does to match a product with your needs. Find a trustworthy brand with clean vapor extraction of cannabis for the highest quality terpenes.

If you aren’t sure whether a brand is particularly trustworthy, look on their website for information about their extraction process. Most will clearly tell you how they extract compounds from hemp but when it comes to terpenes and the percentage available in their formulas, the majority don't reveal their terpene batch results. When reviewing other brands, it's important to view their certificate of analysis to confirm whether they are transparent enough to request lab results in the first place.

Finally, there’s the process of actually taking the hemp terpenes. To do this, simply follow the manufacturer’s directions on the packaging. They know their product and have tested the best possible way to achieve benefits.

Cerena Hemp Derived Terpenes Process

At Cerena, our goal is to provide the safest and highest quality terpene product on the market. Post-harvest, we extract the hemp flower utilizing a more gentle and solventless vapor technology, which allows us to retain an extremely rich terpene profile, one reminiscent of honeysuckle, pine, pepper, and a nutty follow through. While that is just a simple explanation of our overall process, you can find much more detailed and transparent information here.

Each one of our Cerena products offers plenty of benefits thanks to hemp-derived terpenes. Whether you’re looking for sublingual CBD drops to improve insomnia or cannabis topicals for inflammation relief, we have a quality product for you. Please check out our various formulas to find the right one for your needs.


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