Ritual Magic for the Winter Solstice

December 21st is the Winter Solstice for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere. It marks the longest night of the year. There is deep learning in its darkness, and magic to be harnessed. Let us tell you why.

It's important to take note of turning points like this one. When we attune ourselves to the cycles of nature, when we take the time to notice the quality of the present, that’s when we can more readily harness the energy available. It helps us find the path of least resistance, it guides us to flow with the river rather than struggle against its current. 

So what quality does the Winter Solstice offer? 

Just like summer is akin to daylight, Winter is akin to nighttime. Days activate our minds and bodies with work and play, and engage our spirit when we connect with our community. Nights invite our minds to rest, our bodies to restore, and our spirit to be introspective.

This day, with darkness at its peak, we are invited to sit still, reconnect with ourselves and draft up a fresh vision for the year ahead. From the Solstice onward the days will be longer…

How do we want to engage with the growing sunlight? 

What seeds of intention do we want to plant now so they may bloom with the coming of Spring?

What fruits of our labor do we want to delight in the Summer?

What evolved version of ourselves do we want to harvest come Fall?

The Ritual:

~ Find a time and a place where you can be undisturbed for at least 15 minutes today.

~ You’ll need a journal or paper, and a pen. 

~ If you have a candle available, light it. Do so as an invitation for the alchemizing power of fire to be present with you during your ritual.

~ Find a comfortable seat, and take five deep breaths. One for each season, and another for yourself. 

~ Ask for the connection with your intuition to strengthen. If you work with guides, allies, or ancestors, ask for them to aid you in this practice.

~ Take the journal and answer the following questions (set a timer for each if you’re in a pinch for time):

  1. What habits/patterns/dynamics do I want to let go of that no longer serve my highest good?
  2. What habits/patterns/dynamics do I want to replace them with, in service of my highest good?
  3. What does my spirit seek to accomplish this year?
  4. What fears stand in the way of such accomplishment and what steps can I take to face and overcome them?

~ Take another five slow breaths, let the energy of what you just wrote down stew a little. 

~ Thank yourself for taking the time to do this ritual, thank any allies you invited to join you for it, and vow to revisit this list on the 30th (on the Full moon), don’t worry we’ll send you a reminder.

~ Close the ritual by blowing out the candle.

There is power in ritual, don’t undermine the shifts that taking intentional action can bring about. 

We wish you an enlightening Solstice, and may the magic of winter sprinkle upon you.


In Spanish, "El Sereno" is a term that describes the palpable feeling in the air as the late afternoon transitions into early evening, when the heat of the day gently cools and an evening dew starts to form.