The Power of Ritual Magic: Leading a Holistic Lifestyle Through Everyday Practices

When we think of the word “ritual” and what that means and looks like, the modern mind may lean to cinematic images of elaborate altars, various religious or spiritual figures, and ceremonial garb. While these practices may fall into the category of ritual, other types can help bring balance to our everyday lives and do not require the efforts of an established community to carry them out. In these situations, you can prepare your ritual with whatever materials you prefer to bring along on your spiritual journey.

Incorporating rituals into your daily life can range from simple introductions to complex lifestyle changes. They are easy to personalize to meet your intentions and can also be something you do on a weekly or monthly basis. You may have a full moon ritual every month and even honor the moon throughout its changing phases. Or, perhaps your morning ritual may look like setting goals during that precious time of making coffee or tea, a morning meditation, a cleansing in the shower, and a bit of stretching to get the energy flowing through the body and mind.

What is Ritual Magic?

Ritual magic is a form of mysticism or divination that roots in spiritual communities as old as humanity itself. Ritual or ceremonial magic is similar to an art form where you direct energy towards a situation, goal, or challenge that is taking place in your life and use it to alter that energy into positive change or growth. The more you are committed to performing a ritual consistently, the more energy you direct towards manifesting that positive change. Ritual magic is intended to capture the present moment and the ancestral healing within us all, as described by Ryan Lopes.

In essence, a ritual is a routine action that you have charged with intention from a mindful practice. That intention is key, and being engaged in your intentions as you carry out your ritual is where the benefits really come from. The intention and the goal of manifesting positive energy in your life should be the purpose of performing a ritual habitually. Without this clear, satiable intention, you are merely carrying out a list of actions.

The Power of Ritual Magic: Leading a Holistic Lifestyle Through Everyday Practices

Honoring the Moon in Ritual

One type of ritual that has been incorporated into human existence for as long as we have record, is honoring the moon through a full moon ceremony. The moon and earth have a longstanding relationship, and we know that the moon has significant gravitational effects on the earth (like the tides). Many natural cycles on earth link up with the lunar cycle of approximately four weeks, similar to the female menstruation cycle amongst other cycles in nature. By engaging in a full moon ceremony, we are tapping into a strong natural energy force.

The periods of the lunar cycle include:

  • The New Moon, where the moon is not visible in the sky
  • The waxing phase, where the moon is growing in visibility
  • The full moon, at which the moon is at peak visibility
  • The waning phase, where the moon decreases in visibility

The lunar energy in ritual magic is harmonious with these phases. Often, the new moon is the time in which new intentions or developments upon previous intentions are made. As the moon is waxing, we focus our intentions on the growth of our goals and progress. The waning phase is then a time for recollection, internalizing the energy of the lunar cycle and preparing for the next full moon.

Some full moon rituals are as simple as stepping out and bathing in the light of the moon itself — with an intention in mind. In others, like our harvest moon ritual, you may write down thoughts or dramas you wish to let go of and burn the papers in a fire under the moon to surrender to the full moon energy. Full moon rituals for manifestation should be clear in intention and use the moon’s energy to clarify your goals and steps to take for success.

Sándolo Citrus | Spiritual Incense and Aromatherapy for Grounding

What Items to Include in Your Ritual

Depending on the type of ritual that you are carrying out (and what sort of things you value and attribute mystical or divine properties to), you will see a slew of different items being incorporated. Some may choose to incorporate flowers, while others may include certain crystals for divination purposes or a wild vetiver smudge to clear the air of other energies and spirits. Today, some ritualists choose to incorporate CBD oils in meditation and ceremonies, but we recommend you see our CBD oil guide for more information.

For a long time, incense has been used in rituals as an essence of the earth with properties beneficial to holistic wellness. Burning incense sticks have various aromatherapy benefits and are thought to appease the gods while positively affecting the mind and moodMexican Copal incense is one common choice for rituals, along with Sándolo Citrus incense.

Begin Your Own Ritual Journey Today

As you begin your spiritual journey and delve into the world of ritual magic, clarify your intentions and use rituals to manifest your dreams into your life. You are a powerful individual with the energy of the entire universe within you. Let our team at Cerena help you unlock it. Don’t wait any longer to take your life into your own hands and create your own reality.


In Spanish, "El Sereno" is a term that describes the palpable feeling in the air as the late afternoon transitions into early evening, when the heat of the day gently cools and an evening dew starts to form.