What Is CBG? The Next Big Thing in Holistic Cannabis Products

There are certainly a lot of acronyms and terms being thrown out in the wellness space these days. While some brands tout the power of their CBD, others are talking about CBG and the power of the extraction process from various hemp strains.

If that sounded like we just threw a lot at you and that you’ll need a dictionary to get through reading the rest of this article, it’s okay. You’re not the only one. It can be difficult to keep up if the topic is somewhat new to you.

The good news? Here at Cerena, we’re big on customer education. We want you to make smart wellness decisions based on your unique needs, which is why we’ve decided to put together this guide.

Keep reading to learn more about CBG and why it is such a big deal in terms of available holistic cannabis wellness products.

What Does CBG Stand For & Why Is It Important?

If you’re wondering what CBG is all about and why it is growing in popularity, here’s what you should know. Yes, we’re going to get a little scientific here, but stay with us.

CBG is an acronym for cannabigerol. It is gaining attention because, for many people, it offers a wide range of anti-inflammatory, neurodegenerative, and antibacterial effects. It is a cannabinoid and considered the “mother of all” cannabinoids, as CBG in its acidic form (CBGa) is the precursor to other varieties.

As a consumer concerned about health, you need to know that it can seriously help with health ailments ranging from monthly menstrual pain to chronic headaches and more.

What’s the Difference Between CBG, CBD, & THC?

Let’s dive into the difference between CBG, CBD, and THC. While all three can be found in cannabis, including hemp and marijuana, each have their own merits. They have a few similar characteristics, but there are a few distinct differences to consider.

  • CBG is usually the least prominent natural element of the three, but genetic cross-breeding and cultivation of particular strains have created plants with higher levels than normal. It is not psychoactive and will not get you high but can increase hunger levels. This is why many critical illness patients undergoing chemotherapy are using it as a holistic treatment option.
  • CBD is most prominent in hemp but can also be found in marijuana. It is also not psychoactive and will often suppress your appetite.
  • THC is the aspect of marijuana that most people are familiar with. This is one of the few cannabinoids that creates a psychoactive reaction, which depending on your needs, you may or may not want to avoid.

What Types of Products Contain CBG?

As CBG gains popularity as a beneficial ingredient, numerous brands are adopting it into their product lines. Currently, you can find it in everything from sublinguals and edibles to cosmetics and antibacterial cleansers. And that’s just a small list compared to the many different options out there.

However, it is important to realize that the vast majority of the items you’ll see on the market at this point are geared towards the benefits such as pain and inflammation management, cognitive support, and bacterial mitigation. As more people catch on to the positive health benefits of CBG, we surely expect this list to grow.

What Are the Benefits of CBG?

Wondering what CBG is good for? According to many experts and those providing anecdotal evidence, there are numerous health benefits of CBG, such as relief from menstrual discomfort, improved gut health, and increased cognition.

For example, women can help fend off PMS and other menstrual-related pain with Cerena CBG topicals and sublinguals. We personally recommend priming your system with full-spectrum CBG a few days before your period begins, followed by daily intake while menstruating. Afterward, a return to Calma or lower doses of Alivio may suffice. Remedio + CBG as a topical application works to soothe aches and pains at the point of contact. When paired with Alivio drops, they both help counter menstrual discomfort, inside and out.

The best part? CBG is not psychoactive, which means you can take it without worrying about side effects. And most men find benefit from using CBG products, as well, since it is also good for general inflammation and pain management, better digestive health, and improved cognitive function.

High CBG Hemp Strains: Dosage, Strength, & Plant Origin

Why is it important to understand the varying dosage, strength, and plant origin of CBG? The truth is that most brands touting these products are simply jumping on the bandwagon. They say their products contain CBG, but the truth is that they’re merely pushing a full CBD formulation while pretending the small amount of CBG in their product is a difference-maker. Further, they charge a premium for a product that would have minimal health benefits.

Again, Cerena is dedicated to customer education. That’s why we’re pointing this out so that you know what to look for when purchasing CBG wellness products.

Cerena’s CBG Products

Of course, we want to highlight two of our premier CBG products: Alivio and Remedio.

Remedio is our topical salve, which features a smooth butter-like texture and 500mg Full Spectrum CBD and CBG. It is a great choice for those who suffer from achy muscles, tension, and repair stressed-out skin.

Alivio is our richest sublingual CBG product. Featuring 1500mg Full Spectrum CBD and CBG, it is ideal for relieving inflammation and bringing the body to a much calmer state.

Both feature all the efficacious quality you would expect from our Cerena products. Ready to learn more? Please check out our product page listing to find these CBG options and others that contain unique effective cannabinoids for improved wellbeing.


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