At Cerena, we set out to create the best CBD and hemp-based products in the world. Our category-defining formulas have been in the making for years, because we didn’t just want to rush into the market. We wanted to create a foundation for you and do right by our planet.

  • We believe that potent botanicals can help people and in turn, help people help each other. Together, we can work to heal our planet.
  • We believe in slow hemp. Like slow fashion, slow food, and slow furniture, there is a way to manufacture our products that prioritizes the integrity of the plant and overall planetary health.
  • We believe in vapor extraction, the cleanest and most effective way to extract terpenes and cannabinoids from the hemp plant.
  • We believe in creating room to grow for our botanicals, ourselves, and our community.
  • We believe in transparency for betterment. We’re looping you into our process at every turn, so you understand how we make decisions. In turn, we hope you feel empowered in making informed decisions for yourself and your community.

Collective progress is our benchmark. We hope you find balance, relief, and above all, joy in your Cerena experience. Join us on the journey.