Radical transparency has changed food, fast fashion, and personal care industries for the better. We believe that transparency in process, production, and intention is important for all industries, especially ones that make products used in and on our bodies. 


Organic Harvest

It all starts in Fort Collins, Colorado with the cultivation and subsequent harvest of our certified organic hemp flower – a Cherry variety. 

Vapor Extraction

Post harvest we extract the hemp flower utilizing a more gentle and solventless vapor technology, allowing us to retain an extremely rich terpene profile; one reminiscent of honeysuckle, pine, pepper, and a nutty follow through.

Nature's Best Yield

We know that CBD is just one of hemp’s many gifts and we formulate our products accordingly. Through extensive R&D we infuse our organic full-spectrum oil with other targeted cannabinoids and nutrient dense ingredients in truly effective concentrations for their desired effects.

Extraction So Pure, It’s Disruptive

Our hemp-infused products are unique because of how they’re made. Unlike most CBD and hemp brands, we don’t add solvents to extract compounds from the plant. We utilize plant matter and heated air to extract hemp compounds in their purest forms — a radical shift from current solvent-based extraction methods. The end result is not only cleaner, but it more closely resembles the plant from which it came.


Certified Organic

In an unregulated industry, it's more important than ever to instill trust with consumers, especially with respect to their health. We've insisted since the beginning to partner with farms, processors, and co-manufactures who follow strict USDA organic guidelines.

Vapor Extraction

We extract our certified organic hemp using vapor extraction, the cleanest and most effective method available. Fewer than 5 percent of all hemp (CBD) brands use vapor extraction because it’s more expensive than ethanol or C02 and as a result, a little richer in active compounds too.

Terpene Focus

This is one of the key benefits of our vapor extraction method, it preserves the plant’s natural terpenes (think of them as essential oils) providing a higher concentration compared to other brands. We’ll prove it, check out our batch results and compare them with others.

Slow Hemp

We believe in learning from those who came before us. We believe in learning from the plants. We believe it’s all a journey. We believe in finding new ways to work that prioritize the planet. We believe in iterative research and product development. Because of this, our go-to-market time for products is slower than most and we’re proud of it.


Organic and sustainably sourced, environmentally responsible, robust with cannabinoids, rich with hemp-derived terpenes, vegan, non-GMO, no animal testing, free of solvents, heavy metals, parabens, phthalates, pegs, silicones, sulfates, gluten, glycols, and artificial flavors or colorants.


We study how each active component in the plant benefits well-being. We create our formulas accordingly, ensuring all cannabinoids and terpenes are in effective concentrations for their desired effects.