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An intentional collaboration specifically created to promote a deeper connection in both mind and body. Through this calming restorative ritual, feel your senses transport into a state of balanced rejuvenation.

This limited-edition bundle includes Carbonnique's exquisite face and neck massage roller paired with our soothing Calma sublingual + topical oil.

A perfect gift to share with a loved one, or for some well-deserved self care. Indulge in a relaxing ritual that rolls away stress and leaves you feeling beautifully renewed.

Why You will love it:

⌁ Ceramic massaging balls and wooden handle make it a pleasure to hold

⌁ 100% portable. No wires. No batteries. Perfect for calming sessions

⌁ Organic whole hemp extract naturally abundant in cannabinoids, terpenes and phytonutrients.

⌁ Perfect as sublingual drops to destress or topical facial oil to nourish and calm inflammation.

⌁ Sublingually, Calma shifts the mind and body into a state of balanced ease.

⌁ Topically, Calma drops used in tandem with our ergonomically engineered massage roller release stress, tension, and inflammation throughout your jaw line, neck, and forehead.

⌁ The ceramic massage balls improve blood circulation resulting in brighter skin + carry more oxygen into soft muscular tissues, ultimately promoting a healthier lymphatic system.

⌁ Together, they reduce puffiness and promote skin regeneration while our massage roller removes toxin build-up through lymph nodes.

1. Apply half a dropper (0.5 ml) of Calma underneath your tongue and hold for 30 seconds.

2. Gently wash your face and make sure the removable ceramic balls are clean.

3. Apply a few drops of Calma to your face and neck – this will help soothe your skin from inflammation and create luscious lubrication for a more sensual rolling experience.

4. Starting with your neck, pull upwards while applying gentle pressure. Place your roller under your chin and lift. Go all the way up to your lips. Continue with your jawline, pulling the roller gently along your jawbone to contour and uplift. Move up to your cheekbones and roll right to the hairline where your facial muscles are attached. Gently massage underneath your eye’s, making sure to use lighter pressure. Place your roller between your brows and massage upwards. Massage your forehead towards your hairline slightly just above your brow.

5. Finish by massaging your wrists and arms while breathing in warmth and abundance.

Carbonnique's Materials 

⌁ Walnut wood handle. *Natural products such as walnut will vary in color. This is a natural occurrence. This is part of their appeal. Each piece is unique and different.

⌁ Ceramic massage balls

Cerena's Calma Ingredients

⌁ Fractionated Coconut (MCT) Oil, Organic Full Spectrum Hemp

⌁ This unique whole hemp oil is extracted using clean vapor extraction. It utilizes only plant matter and heated air to extract hemp compounds in their purest forms — a radical shift from current chemical-based extraction methods used by approximately 95%+ of ‘CBD’ companies.

⌁ USDA Certified Organic.

⌁ Formula: 750mg Full Spectrum Hemp

⌁ Key Cannabinoids: CBD, CBC, CBG


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Jonathan C.
United States United States

Have been using the products and am SO happy. The quality is incredible from the packaging to the oils!